NEWS - 2014


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Global SPC has finished development and design of the website

Aimed to promote economic development of Armenia, improvement of business environment and to attract direct investments into Armenia, Global SPC with this website offers to get acquainted with data on the ease of doing business in Armenia indicated in the annual reports of the World Bank Doing Business project. The site introduces also the investment environment of Armenia and works implemented by the Company.

Global SPC provides professional services to partners and implement researches on business environment, based on methodology and questionnaires developed by the “Doing Business” project. 




On October 8, 2014, the company Global SPC was certified by the Absolute Quality Certification Pvt. Ltd. (Australia) for quality management system ISO 9001:2008 in spheres of business and legal consulting. The Absolute Quality Certification Pvt. Ltd. is a company accredited in Joint system of accreditation of Australia and New Zealand. Global SPC is the first business and legal consulting company in Armenia, which has certified its quality management system.




Global SPC with the support of the USAID/EDMC project has developed “Pharmaceutical guide. Armenia 2014”. The guide provides information about the country’s pharmaceutical and importing companies, as well as local representations of foreign pharmaceutical organizations. The guide exhaustively presents the drug market tendencies of the Republic, from the point of view of import, export and production, as well as the educational institutions.





Global SPC with the support of the USAID/EDMC project has developed “Food processing guide. Armenia 2014”. It provides information about the food processing sector and producing companies of Armenia. Export opportunities and channels for processed food of Armenia are also included in the Guide.




JULY 2014


Global SPC has confirmed the cooperation with the Dutch truck manufacturing company DAF Trucks NV for one of its Armenian clients. Global SPC negotiated with DAF Trucks NV, as a result of these negotiations the Armenian company became the distributor of DAF Trucks NV in Armenia. Before initiating the cooperation, Global SPC has made the corresponding market research.


JUNE 2014


Global SPC has also carried out activities to confirm cooperation with the German trailer manufacturing company Schmitz Cargobull AG for one of its Armenian client-companies. As a result of negotiations with Schmitz Cargobull AG, Global SPC has become the company’s distributor in Armenia. Before confirming the cooperation, Global SPC has made the corresponding market research.


MAY 2014


Global SPC has conducted a comparative analysis of the RA and EU legislations on “Consumers’ rights and unfair trade practices within the scope of modern law”. It was carried out with the help of the analytical study on the RA and EU legislations on consumers’ rights. The regulation issues to the various aspects that arise within the customer-vendor relationship are presented in the analysis with the application of two methods: a) study of the RA and EU legislation and other legal acts and b) comparative analysis. The aim of the analysis is to contribute to the improvement of the consumer protection law, using the EU best practices as a basis.



APRIL 2014


Global SPC has conducted a market research of wine industry in Armenia. It provides exhaustive information on wine varieties, areas and volumes of grape storing, assortment and volumes of the wine produced, producing companies and the legislation, regulating the wine industry. The study presents import, export and consumption dynamics of wine production on Armenian market, as well as the necessary possible measures to stimulate export, export channels and export and volumes expansion opportunities.


MARCH 2014


Once again Global SPC, as the most active local business agent of the WB Doing business project, continues to cooperate within the project framework. The company remains in leading position among Armenian organizations by the number of specialists participating in the surveys carried out within the project annually.

By participating in these surveys since 2006, Global SPC has also conducted studies regarding the enforcement of the 11 indicators of the Doing business project in Armenia.





Global SPC has conducted a market research of textile, hosiery and footwear in Armenia. It contains exhaustive information about development history of these branches in Armenia, from ancient times till present. The study presents the business environment and regulations of textile, hosiery and footwear production in Armenia, particularly quality assurance legislation, workforce assurance opportunities, produced assortment, import and export channels and regimes. In this study information is provided about the major companies that deal in textile, hosiery and footwear production, investment climate and competitiveness improvement, as well as opportunities to establish and develop small and medium enterprises.




Global SPC has conducted a market research of herbs production in Armenia. The major regions of production, herbs processing and packaging companies are presented in that research. Development tendencies of the local herbal market, as well as export barriers, opportunities and channels are also included in the study.






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