NEWS - 2011


November 2011

Global SPC actively participates in preparation works of the "4th International Pharmaceutical Competitiveness Conference" organized by the Medicine Producers and Importers Union of Armenia, the Ministry of Health of the RA, the Ministry of Economy of the RA.

The services provided by the company include, inter alia, development of the logo, programme, promotional materials, web-site as well as organization of on-line live broadcasting of the conference. More than 400 medicine producers, leading importing companies, laboratories, doctors from all over the world, as well as representatives of state bodies and international organizations have been invited to participate in the Conference.


October 2011

Global SPC is proud to be part of international team implementing the USAID funded Enterprise Development and Market Competitiveness program in Armenia.

The Enterprise Development and Market Competitiveness (EDMC) program is a 5-year USAID-funded project which will be implemented by a consortium of international and Armenian consulting companies under the leadership of the Pragma Corporation. The program will draw upon the international expertise of the Pragma Corporation, Shore Bank International, Sibley Associates, the Small Enterprise Assistance Fund (SEAF), the Center for Economic and Entrepreneurship Development (CEED), Associates in Rural Development (AIRD) and the unique knowledge and experience of Armenian experts with Global SPC and Grant Thornton Armenia.


September 2011

Global SPC serves a package of marketing to American Medical Innovation which deals with the sale of medical technologies. For the Company Global SPC preformed the development of website, and also designed logo and slogan, as well as corporate style and colors.




August 2011

Global SPC served the IMF Resident Representative Office in Armenia: a package of legal and advocatory services have been provided.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is an organization of 187 countries, working to foster global monetary cooperation, secure financial stability, facilitate international trade, promote high employment and sustainable economic growth, and reduce poverty around the world.





July 2011

Global SPC serves a package of marketing to American La Bella Bestia Jewellery. Global SPC preformed the development of logo and slogan for La Bella Bestia Jewellery, design of corporate style and also development and modeling of website




June 2011

Global SPC has provided legal services to famous company “Abt Associates Inc.” The company is implementing the HS-STAR project financed by USAID.

The HS-STAR relies on an approach that simultaneously aims to strengthen the health system while improving the quality of care and increasing population knowledge in priority service areas, including maternal and child health, reproductive health and family planning, tuberculosis, non-communicable diseases and emergency medicine.


May 2011

Global SPC provided services to Medicine Producers and Importers Union (MPI Union) of Armenia for the implementation of “Pharma” pharmaceutical scientific reviewed magazine publication issues. The company analyzed the establishment of printed healthcare news and legal framework of this activity in Armenia and provided MPI Union with the appropriate consultation. In addition Global SPC implemented the development activities of “Pharma” magazine website


April 2011

Global SPC signed contract for providing business and legal services to the Mix Trade LLC. The Mix Trade is the official agent of QNet Limited in Armenia; a company specialized in e-commerce and network marketing.

In addition to above Global SPC also provided marketing services which includes development of logo, corporate colours, style and website.



March 2011

Global SPC became a member of Armenian British Business Chamber (ABBC), which has members from 30 companies and organizations. Armenian British Business Chamber was established in May 2010. The aim of the Chamber is to serve as a platform for a powerful and influential business network of successful businesses in Armenia and the United Kingdom, as well as Armenian-British business elsewhere. ABBC provides informational and guidance services to its members and foreign businesses inquiring for information to exposing Armenia at foreign business forums. All the above mentioned is implemented in close cooperation with the Government of the Republic of Armenia, with a focus on key areas of activity of Armenian - British businesses.


February 2011

Global SPC made a research based on the legal field of adoption of children citizen of the RA by foreigners and RA citizens who live outside of RA for the "Children of All Nations" (CAN) organization. Global SPC studied the legislation regulating the adoption process, the adoption procedures, the rights, the jurisdictions and the obligations of adopters and state entities involved in the adoption processes.

CAN is managed by Great Wall China Adoption company, which is a division of leading American international agency of adoption.


January 2011

Global SPC provided the famous Armenian alcohol manufacturer "Artsakh Brandy" with a package of services on establishment of representative office in USA. The services included: alcohol licensing, company registration and products brand registration of "Artsakh America". Hereinafter, Armenian mullberry, apricot, peach, grape, plum and cornel vodka, and other homeland production will be exported to USA markets.




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