APRIL 2016


“Business without threats” book – on the tables of Armenian businessmen

“Global SPC” has performed works for the release of the “Business without threats” book on Armenian. Our experts have presented the threats faced by managers especially of small and medium-sized enterprises, the solutions used to counter the threats. Besides that, the international practice of reducing impact and preventing cyber threats has been presented. “Global SPC” has performed the systematization of the material collected, prepared and localized, edited and proofread the texts.

MARCH 2016

it dummies

Publication of the book “IT-security for Dummies”

“Global SPC” has begun the release of series of books “... for Dummies”, which provide popular consultation on different areas. “IT-security for Dummies” book was published the first, which collected the information that provides a common user with knowledge and advices needed for safe use of computer and other digital devices.


dtra ch2m

“Global SPC” company has performed the capacity assessment of three laboratories of the Ministries of Healthcare and of Agriculture of RA in the fields of procurement, warehousing, and inventory. The assessment services have been rendered within the frameworks of the Program of Collaboration Towards Reducing the Biological Threat of the Department of Defense of the USA. In order to perform the assessment “Global SPC” has developed questionnaires for surveys and interviews with management and staff of laboratories, has conducted surveys and interviews, monitoring of procurement, warehousing and inventory processes, documentation and analysis of the problems in these processes.


jica n

“Global SPC” has assisted JICA in its Project for Ex-post Evaluation Activities of “Yerevan Combined Cycle Co-generation Power Plant (YCCPP) Project”. JICA (The Japan International Cooperation Agency) is a governmental agency that coordinates official development assistance for the government of Japan. It is chartered with assisting economic and social growth in developing countries, and the promotion of international cooperation. Within the frameworks of the project, “Global SPC” assisted the consultant from JICA in collecting and processing project-related data and information, and reporting the evaluation results as instructed.




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